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“The state of our things affects the state of
our lives. I will walk you through the patterns
of your life and help you reshape them to
create a life filled with ease, balance,
and grace.”

– Judith


Judith Fisher Freed does not have the word “clutter” in her vocabulary. Her organizing ability began one drawer at a time, starting in the third grade. As the years passed, Playbills and Magazines were in binders. Styling her parents and sisters wardrobe demanded much of her time. When a clothing designer notified a celebrity of her fashion scrap book on her appearances, the celebrity contacted her to use as publicity.

When Judith moved to California in 1978 there was an untapped market for styling rock stars. Her clients grew and so did her reputation. So much so that Fred Segal offered to send a car and driver for her at anytime.

Organizing the lives of her four children was her greatest creation. Along the way she became passionate about her father-in-law who was a forgotten icon. Thirty years of collecting turned into fifteen years of research. She created the site, orgainized a permanent collection and was a catalyst for donations that funded The Alan Freed Radio Station at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Things With Things was formulated to bring order into busy, successful people’s lives. Judith is passionate about structuring and organizing her clients’ environments to create ease, harmony and contentment.

1. STAY: Assistance in organizing and reshaping your existing home to benefit your lifestyle. Visualizing a plan, and sketching a blueprint implements a revival of your home, office or space.

2. BUILD: Building a dream house from the foundation up with an organized beautiful life in mind is one of her specialties.

3. MOVE: Moving requires preparation and planning. She can transport you easily from one home or office to another.

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“Judy has taken me
from chaos to order…”
“…Not only did Judy help me move out,
she helped me move in…”
“Judy is brilliant at knowing what
adds to your life, and what
subtracts from your life.”

Dream Closet

The first thing I do when I walk into someone’s home or office is bee-line to the ‘junk drawer’. Every space has one. It's usually located right by the telephone in the kitchen. That seminal drawer often proves to be the launching point to rehabilitating a chaotic lifestyle.

There is no order in disorder. I have tools to teach people how to organize their thoughts and actions: “Take it out, put it back” ... “Touch it only once” ... “Yes/no, rainy day/give away” and many more. My requirements for assisting you never varies: Tape measure, scissors, boxes, boxes, boxes.

Step 1:CHAOS: This chaos you call home and/or work can be remedied with 3 words: Things With Things. If you have the courage to tackle your disorganization, then we will do it together.
Step 2:CONFUSION: Sorting the confusion comences with piles. Then it becomes piles with piles. No matter how bad it looked when I arrived, it will look far worse after we begin. But never fear, I will help with the answers.
Step 3:ARRANGING: Living arrangements will start to make sense. When you want keys, they will be in the proper location as well as with other keys. We will have found logical locations for all your things. Finally you will ‘get it’.

Step 4:LIVING: There is a method to the madness. When I depart, you will know exactly what to do, where to find and where to put every item, paraphernalia, possessions, machinery, materials, staples, object, fabric, trappings, article, magazine, clothing, appliance. Now you will have a system, and the knowledge to navigate it alone.
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JULY 12, 2011

Pay It Forward

Packing BoxesThe single most difficult task of organizing is letting go. There is a story that goes with every item in your living or working space, usually connected with a relative friend or past relationship. Then there is the reality check of do I really need, like or use it? That’s where pay it forward lends a hand.

On different work sites, to tackle the emotions of saying so long to something that means something, I offer a new home for that belonging. I love lists, so here goes:

Valuable items you'd rather not give away? Move over craigslist and eBay (which I have also used) — try, where I have sold expensive silverware and other antiques too valuable to give away.


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